Definition of Geekysexy

My wife finally got around to asking why we have a 7 foot tall metal structure in our garage. While we were in China, a friend left a surplus seven foot tall 19" telecommunication rack in my garage. My wonderful wife had no idea what it was, and after I explained how it was used, she still had no idea why I would want one. It hit me at that moment that an equipment rack is probably the best definition of 'Geekysexy'.

Last month, I was informed that a surplus equipment rack was available to me if I wanted it. My answer was an immediate "Of course I want one." I can bolt the thing into my basement and rack mount all of my servers and noisy home theater equipment. I can do some cable management and organize the power to the equipment as well. When I mentioned the equipment rack to my tech friends at work, they all said, "Wow, do they have any more? I want one or two if I can get them". I know that if I had all my equipment racked up in my basement, it would be shown to every person that stepped into our house. And the geeks that would see it would be filled with envy and lust.

You see, a properly installed steel equipment rack in a home is a very sexy thing indeed. However, it is only sexy to geeks. Non-geeks won't want one. If fact, most would find it an eyesore. Geekysexy is an in-joke; a guilty pleasure; a secret love that only geeks will understand. And for me right now, it is symbolized by a seven foot tall steel rack sitting in my garage.

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Uberlander said...

Jim wants one too. Maybe its a geek thing and a lugnut thing. Steel beautiful steel, every guy wants one. He already thought of where to put it and what kind of cabinet he can make for it. Something mission or craftsmen style.