It was Halloween last night in Wenatchee, as well as in most of the United States. We had planned ahead a little for Halloween, because we knew that we wouldn't have much time to prepare for it when we got home. While we were in a thrift shop in Guangzhou called "Gifts From China" we found this outfit and thought we could earn 'cool parent' points by getting Cheyenne a panda costume. But, as you can see, Cheyenne's jet lag leaves us with a very tired girl in the evenings. She really liked the costume in theory, but by 6:00 she just wanted to sleep. It took a fair amount of cajoling to get her to wander over to the church parking lot and get candy out of the trunks of stranger's cars. Hmm, I wonder if the Methodists ever heard it phrased like that.

I watched VH1's new Celeb-reality show with singing C-list celebrities. It's called "But Can They Sing?". The answer is "no". Posted by Picasa

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