Adoption Day

So yesterday, we went down to the courthouse to formalize the adoption of our youngest child. It was a pretty short ordeal, involving things like, "Do you understand that you are legally and financially responsible for this child until she is 18 years old?". I wonder how many parents are stumped by that one.

The judge looked through our application and noticed that I stated that I have never been convicted of a crime. He remarked that he was "surprised" by that. Heh. I told him that I had "murdered" a few songs in my time, and my attorney quickly said, "That doesn't count".

On the way back to the elevator, my 3-year-old Ping notice the mural on the wall with a big American flag next to an eagle. She pointed to the eagle and said "Ooo. Look Mommy!". My wife took a look at it and asked Ping what she saw on the wall. Ping said, "Ummm... maybe... a bald eagle?" This kind of stopped us for a second. We would have accepted "birdie" or "bird". But "bald eagle" was right on the money. We told her "nice job" and wondered where she was learning this stuff. We certainly haven't been working on bird recognition with her.

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