Eye Damage

Yesterday, at the grocery store, the checkout line included an older farmer in overalls and a hat, as well as a man with an injured eye that was covered by an eye patch. Ping says (a little too loudly), "Look Mom! A pirate AND a cowboy". The "pirate" turned around and good naturedly says, "Yeah, it isn't too often you get to see a pirate and a cowboy at the same time"

I'm not sure when turned into "Kids say the darndest things", but it will probably continue for a while.

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Tom said...

Hey, Man. A year ago, I got a burn on my face around my eye and had to wear a wrap over my eye . I went to the grocery store all doped up to get my vicadin prescription for the pain from the burn. A little boy looked at me scared out of his mind, and I was half tempted to say, "Don't play with fire, boy." Ping did well not to be scared by the Pirate!