Veruca Salt

Ping has been watching the new 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' pretty regularly. It is a welcome change from Monkey King, which was her favorite and is a 54-part series that is entirely in Mandarin. So, now we alternate between Mulan and Charlie.

Today is also Ping's first day at Yoga Camp. It is a two-hour "day camp" for 3-5 year olds to learn about yoga. She was pretty excited to go, but her mother told her that she couldn't chew gum while doing yoga. This was a little dissapointing to Ping, because she is proud of the fact that she can chew gum and not swallow it. Lisa told her that she couldn't chew gum ALL the time because she would turn into a blueberry like the girl in the movie. Ping got pretty wide-eyed and immediately spit out her watermelon gum saying, "I don't want this gum any more. I don't want to turn into a blueberry". Lisa tried to convice her that it wouldn't really happen, but I don't think Ping will be chewing gum for a while.

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