Back to Basics

I've deviated recently from the type of things that started this blog; mainly covering people, things, and ideas that are 'geekysexy'. But I found a new device that I had to mention. The Jack PC is a thin client device that will actually fit into the space where a wall outlet would go. It's not a residential device, but a business PC that is designed to connect to a Windows Terminal Server. So, if your business was designed with your employees using Terminal Services or Citrix, you could install a couple of these in every office and never have to move in a Desktop PC. Just hook the monitor, keyboard and mouse into the wall. It is a very cool idea for RDP-based enterprise deployments.

For the non-geeks out there, I apologize for the techno-speak. It is part of who I am. Also, my postings will be spotty for the next week as we are vacationing at beautiful Deception Pass State Park on Whidbey Island. Hopefully, we will have some good pictures when I get back.

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Tom said...

I have no idea what you were talking about with that outlet PC contraption device, but, hey, I learned something. I think. Well, at least I learned that I don't know much about PC outlet sized contraption devices.

I'm glad you're getting back to basics and covering geekysexy things, events and people. I'm anxiouly awaiting a post about me! HA!!

By the way, my dad, who sells CUTCO knives is now using his favorite new word "geekysexy" to describe the knives, cookware, gardening tools, hunting/fishing supplies, etc. that he markets. And, yes, if you are a cook, his items are quite geekysexy.

See, Kevin, you are changing the way people view the universe, even back here in Iowa!