Rockin in Roslyn

Wow. Late night. I rode with my bandmates to Roslyn, Washington last night to watch live music from a few bands that I knew very little about. El Jeffe knew the headliner from high school in Ellensburg, and I tend to jump at nearly any opportunity to watch live music these days. The bands were playing at The Brick, and the crowd was a little thin. But the music was fantastic. Ian Moore was one of the openers, and he was amazing. He played most of his long, meandering as a solo artist, just singing with his guitar. He had a falsetto that reminded me of Jeff Buckley and his instrumental work was impeccable.

Mark Pickerel was the headliner and he was a real crowd pleaser. His album was recently released on Bloodshot records, and his songs tend towards moody pseudo-country. Ian Moore came out on a few songs at the end of the set and they played a few covers, with a few encore numbers as well. I didn't get back to home until 2am, but it was worth the bleary-eyed Saturday morning.

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