Taking It Digital

I'm sure that both of the people who actually read this blog already know that I am managing the technical side of a cable TV plant. So, although I can build and repair cable TV systems, I can't say that I know a lot about the business or marketing side of cable TV. Yesterday, we turned up the Showtime Networks on our system involving about 15 new channels. And honestly, I can't tell you why we have 8 channels of Showtime, or what the diffence is between The Movie Channel Xtra and Showtime Too.

The picture at the top of this post is being used on a web site designed to sell our cable TV product. And I may not have a degree in marketing, but I don't think the image is designed to sell cable TV. And it isn't even an accurate representation of our cable TV product. Our remote controls are larger than the one pictured.


Tom said...

Funny, but I don't think the remote control in the picture is supposed to make us think of cable TV. Look where it's located in the picture.

Not to sound like a broken record, but can we say "phallic" in the cable advertising world?

Sex will sell anything, or so they say.

Tom said...

Oh, yeah! I'll take your word on the size of all your remote controls!

Marie Carlson said...

It's not the size that counts, it's what you can do with it.

Bifferoo said...

heh. I think the guy in the picture is doing pretty well with his.