Thoroughly Modern Millie

We are having our first dress rehearsal for Thoroughly Modern Millie tonight. The play opens in two days. Although I know everything is going to come together, it is still the time in a show where nerves are wound very tight.

My lovely wife has a good role in the show as one of Millie's housemates. She has cut her hair into a 'bob', and looks adorable tap dancing in a 20's outfit with a hat. I am running the lights, which isn't as complicated as it may seem. We no longer use the analog light boards with two set of dimmer switches and a cross-fader. Everything is digital now. I'm using a computer that has all of the light cues programmed into it. All I have to do is hit a single button for each cue. I'm also running a PowerPoint presentation for some supertitles during the show. And those might be a little more troublesome.

If you don't have tickets for the show, then call up the PAC at 509-663-ARTS and get some tickets!

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Tom said...

Break a leg! Or, for a light board operator is it: pop a breaker?