It has now been almost 5 years since I started using Rhapsody to fill my digital music needs. At the time, it was difficult to wrap my mind around 'renting' music rather than 'owning' music files. The upside of the switch to Rhapsody is that I stopped downloading mp3 files from Kazaa, Napster and whatever else gray market file distribution systems. And this means that the mp3 files on my computer are mostly older than 5 years old, and I rarely ever listen to them.

This became apparent when I tried out a service called MediaMaster. The site seems like they should be minutes away from getting a 'cease and desist' order from the RIAA. But while it is still up and running, I decided to give it a try. The idea behind their site is this: You load all of your mp3 files to their site and then listen to them from any computer with Internet access.

I have over 1000 mp3 files (all of them over 5 years old), so I started uploading all of them to Media Master. It took most of one day to finish uploading the 2GB of data. The files were automagically sorted into album with mostly correct album art. One of my B-52s albums was saddled with a Black Oak Arkansas album cover. But the album info can be edited manually, and the system for editing is fairly intuitive.

So, now I'm listening to music I haven't listened to in several years. MediaMaster allows you to create a "Radio Station" with your music, so I put together 100 or so songs that I would want to hear on the radio. They aren't all fantastic songs, but they are all songs that I love for one reason or another. Click here if you want to listen to GeekySexy radio. It is only a 64K stream, and you will probably need to install WinAmp or something that can play a .pls file.

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DPWesley said...

Love the bifferoo radio. Just like I am in your room at Stimson.