Jet - Get Born

For the past three months this has been one of my "go-to" albums on Rhapsody. Whenever, I was tired of listening to new music, or I was fatigued by trying to read the nuances of emo bands, I would start up a playlist with Jet. These guys rock. They rock really hard. And not even in a Black Crowes kind of retro way. Jet is a garage band for this decade.

I think I first saw the band playing on one of the late night talk shows. And as I usually do, I went to Rhapsody to play more of their music. Been playing it ever since. The one single so far is "Are You Gonna Be My Girl? and it has been a little overplayed on the IPod commercials, but the album is really solid as a whole. If you haven't started up the playlist yet, what are you doing? Listen to it. You'll thank me.

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