In Biff's absense, I thought I'd contribute a little on-topic post....actually, Biff's posts seem to be more regular when he's gone. Being 'gone' isn't as easy as it used to be...

New sport for nerds is catching on...or should I say 'caching-on'. It's called GeoCaching. The idea is basically a cross between Hide and Seek, a scavenger hunt, and good ol' Finders Keepers, Loosers Weepers. A GeoCache is a hidden stash of stuff somewhere on this planet (although I suppose that's more of a practical limitation, not a hard and fast rule...). Some are hidden quite well and some are practically in plain view. What's in them? Could be anything. Generally, interesting but inexpensive bobbles it seems. How do I find a GeoCache? Go to one of the many sites like and you'll be able to get the GPS coordinates and maybe clues...Punch those into your GPS device (the only cost of entry) and off ya go.

When you find the GeoCache, you're entitled to take one object but you're also expected to leave one. Also, remember to follow the environmentally responsible 'Cache In - Trash Out' practice.

So, it seems that we geeks have a hobby that allows us to: A) Use our cool GPS device. B) Be socially interactive in a completely disconnected, anonymous way (is there any other way???). And C) Go outside(!) I think we could be on to something here....


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