Doh! Out of the country for a couple days and I get a site mutiny. :)


Woke up in Playa Jaco at the Canciones Del Mar. Jaco is mostly a surfer town, with a fair amount of Tshirt shops and surf board shops. However, we had a great room, and the restaurants were inexpensive with a very young clientele. (I should have pictures up sometime soon). The ocean had some fantastic surfing waves, but the beach was all pebble and no sand.

In the afternoon we went out to the Manuel Antonio Bio Reserve, and saw some goregeous sandy beaches. However, the monkeys were all hiding from the torrential downpour that we were walking around in. We think we saw a sloth and something that looked like a long racoon. In the rain it felt like a real rain forest. The moisture in the air was beading up on our skin even before the rains started. That afternoon we ate some great mahi-mahi and drank several glasses of a lime drink made with guaro. Gotta get that drink recipe.


Took the 3 1/2 hours bus ride back to San Jose. Of course, the weather was wonderful. Looked around downtown and toured the Teatro Nacional. It was gorgeous.

Tomorrow, we will be headed on a 11-hour tour, so I should get some good pictures.

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