Matthew 6 : Seeking the kingdom first

Matthew 6

Hello, wonderful friends!

As we step into this new day, let's spend a moment basking in the wisdom of Matthew Chapter 6. This chapter is a treasure trove of Jesus’ teachings on prayer, giving, fasting, and our relationship with material possessions.

One of the core messages here is about trust and priorities. Jesus encourages us not to worry about our lives — what we will eat, drink, or wear. Instead, He invites us to seek first His kingdom and righteousness, assuring us that all these things will be given to us as well. It's a call to trust in God’s provision and care for us.

As I ponder these words, I’m struck by how countercultural they are. In a world that often tells us to strive and worry about every little thing, Jesus offers a different path — one of trust and seeking God’s kingdom above all else. How freeing it is to lay down our anxieties and trust in our Heavenly Father who knows our needs!

Let’s also think about Jesus' teaching on prayer, particularly the Lord’s Prayer. It’s a model of simplicity, reverence, and dependence on God. In it, we find the essence of what our communication with God should look like — acknowledging His holiness, submitting to His will, seeking provision, forgiveness, and guidance away from temptation.

Today, let’s practice this trust and simplicity in our prayers. Let’s remember that our relationship with God isn’t about grand gestures or perfect words, but about an honest and humble heart.

And as we go about our day, let’s keep our hearts focused on God’s kingdom. Let’s prioritize our spiritual growth and trust God to take care of our needs. Whether it’s making decisions, interacting with others, or facing challenges, let's filter everything through the lens of seeking His kingdom first.

May you experience the peace and joy that comes from trusting in God’s provision and prioritizing His kingdom in your life.

Blessings and peace to you on this beautiful day!

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