Matthew 28 : Resurrection Hope

 Matthew 28

Blessings, dear friends!

As we seek moments of reflection in our day, let’s turn our attention to Matthew Chapter 28, a passage that beautifully encapsulates the hope and promise of the resurrection of Jesus, reaffirming our own path to salvation.

This chapter begins with the discovery of the empty tomb, a powerful symbol of Jesus’ triumph over death and the limitations of the physical world. In the resurrection, we see the divine nature of Jesus fully revealed - a confirmation that love, life, and hope are eternal and cannot be constrained by earthly bounds. This miraculous event invites us to live in the hope and assurance that no matter the challenges or hardships we face, there is always a dawn of new life and possibilities with God.

The encounter of Mary Magdalene and the other Mary with the risen Christ is a profound reminder of the personal nature of our journey with the divine. Jesus calls each of us by name, offering us a relationship that is deeply personal and transformative. In this relationship, we find our path to salvation - not through rigid doctrines or rituals, but through a living, evolving connection with the divine.

Furthermore, Jesus’ instruction to the disciples to go and make disciples of all nations is a call to share this message of hope and love with the world. It’s an invitation to participate in the divine work of healing, reconciliation, and inclusive community-building. Our path to salvation is also a journey of inviting others into this expansive and liberating love of God.

As we go about our daily lives, let's carry the joy and hope of the resurrection in our hearts. Let's remember that our path to salvation is one of continual growth, deepening relationships, and active participation in God’s work of love in the world. 

May your day be filled with the light of this resurrection hope, guiding you in your actions and interactions, and may you find comfort and strength in the ever-present love of the divine.

Sending you forth with love and peace on your journey!

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