Matthew 11 : Finding Rest in Authenticity


Matthew 11

Blessings to you all, dear friends!

As we pause in our day, let's explore the profound and inclusive messages of Matthew Chapter 11. This chapter invites us to a deeper understanding of our relationship with ourselves, with others, and with the divine.

We open with Jesus speaking about John the Baptist, a figure who, in his authenticity, defied societal norms. John’s life reminds us of the importance of being true to ourselves and our callings, even when it goes against the grain of societal expectations. Let’s draw inspiration from John's example to live authentically and to honor the unique paths of those around us.

Then, we encounter the beautiful invitation from Jesus: “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” This call is radically inclusive, extending to all, regardless of background, identity, or life journey. It’s an invitation to find rest in a space where we are fully accepted and deeply loved. In our busy and often demanding lives, let's remember to seek moments of rest and renewal in the presence of the divine, a space where we can be truly ourselves.

Jesus also speaks of the wisdom revealed to “little children”. This is a profound reminder of the value of childlike wonder, openness, and sincerity. In a world that often prioritizes knowledge and power, let’s embrace a heart of humility and openness, eager to learn and grow in our understanding of ourselves, others, and the world.

As we continue our day, let’s carry with us the lessons of authenticity, rest, and childlike wonder. Let's create spaces where everyone feels welcomed to come as they are, to find rest, and to share their unique perspectives and stories.

May your day be filled with moments of true self-expression, deep rest, and joyful discovery.

Peace and love to each of you on your journey!

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