He knows when you should be sleeping

Here's the upside of having preschoolers: They can't read it when you write down what they are getting for Christmas. So...shhhh...don't say anything.

I'm thoroughly enamored with the Nintendo Wii, even though I've yet to actually see one. Of course, I still need a good excuse to purchase one and, luckily, children like video games. So, I've decided to get a Wii for the kids. Now my problem is finding one in stock. Even though the evening news keeps saying that Nintendo doesn't have any supply problems, there are no stores with Wiis on their shelves. They are purchased as soon as they come into the door.

After looking at Wiiseeker, I found that Walmart had a few coming in on Wednesday morning. I called and asked when they would be available and was told 8am. And although Walmart is a 24-hour store, they required people to line up outside and wait for 8am. They expected people to start lining up at midnight. Needless to say, I don't have a Wii. During December, a 40-year-old guy in Wenatchee just doesn't sit on the sidewalk for 8 hours unless he's drunk or homeless. And I'm neither. At least not as of this writing. But I'm still looking for a Wii. Hopefully one that is less than $300 and one that I can purchase without layering up on my clothing.

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rosemarie said...

Sorry about that. I guess you are younger than you think!