I hate it when my posts start with this, but... Did you see Oprah today? I wasn't really paying attention, but it looked like a "medical miracle" show. Lots of people triumphing over physical adversity. The guy that caught my attention was a blind 14-year-old from Sacramento named Ben Underwood. He lost both eyes to cancer at age 3, but never uses a cane. Instead, he has developed the ability to use echolocation. By making clicking noises and listening to the echo, he can sense where things are and what they are made of. Walking down the street he can tell where a wood fence is lining the road and where a car is parked. He identified it as a "truck or minivan" and he was right. I know bats and dolphins can do it, but I never thought humans could get that good at it. The brain is a truly amazing thing.

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