They're Delicious

Yesterday was Father's Day, and I still find it odd that I am now the center of attention on Father's Day. I feel so grown-up.

I spoke with my Dad a few times this weekend, and I went over to Columbia Heights to visit my Grandparents. Ping went with me on the outing, and a three-year-old girl is a really big hit at an assisted living facility. Strangers were stopping to talk to her in the hallways, and she really loves to talk. My Grandparents even gave her ice cream, so I'm sure she will want to go back.

I am finding it hard to discuss many things with Grandparents due to a generational gap that appears to be widening. My attempts to discuss why "Urinetown" will be a funny play seemed to fall flat. And when discussing my work, I realized that what I do for a living may be inconceivable to someone that has never used a computer. My Grandfather had read in the paper that Yahoo! was spending $12 million to move into the building where I work. He asked me, "What does Yahoo! make?", and I didn't have a good answer.

My daughters were very good for Father's Day. My wife made me breakfast in bed, and the girls presented me with a gift and a greeting card. Ping had colored the card and her hands were stained blue all day because of it. I pulled all of the wrapping off of the gift, not knowing what I expected (or wanted). The whole idea that I get an extra present in the middle of June is still odd to me. But I eventually unwrapped a box of Cheez-its. I asked Ping, "Did you pick this out for me?" and she nodded enthusiastically. I looked at my wife and she told me that she tried to talk her into a different gift, but she wanted to give a box of Cheez-its. When asked if she was sure about it, my daughter said, "Yes. They're delicious."

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Tom said...

Happy Father's Day, old man!