Jiggety Jig

There may be people reading this blog saying, "What in the heck happened to the McKee family?" Did they get stuck in Canadian customs? Did their plane crashland right next to Oceanic flight 815? Did Cheyenne finally have enough and start looking for a new family with quieter siblings? No, none of that happened. (Except maybe the last one. Cheyenne has been making a lot of phone calls lately. Hmmmm.) We got home pretty uneventfully and have been dealing with a massive case of jetlag. I have found that when an infant thinks it is time to get up, it is difficult to convince them otherwise.

I have uploaded all of our pictures from our trip to the web site. Click here if you want to see 350 un-captioned unedited pictures. I didn't get take a picture of Dean Lu, AKA "The Mad Hatter", when I was in Changsha. But luckily, Patty had her picture taken with Dean, and I am posting that here for all to see.

Also, I have changed the template on my blog to something a little, less... black. So, let me know if things are broken because of it.

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