Yaoxia's stats

Today we received our developmental report on our new child. The following is from our child's foster parent report in June:

Cai Yaoxia, Female, was found at Nan Yuan Gong Road, Changsha City on Feb.23, 2005. When Yaoxia entered the orphanage, she was wearing white bottom with red flower cotton padded top with split pants with diaper and bottle. According to her development, we decided her birthday as Feb.4, 2005 and named her Yaoxia. Due to her arrival, she weighted 2.8kg and 46cm in length.

With the detail care and feeding by our orphanage staff, Yaoxia is normal in all aspects. The update information of Yaoxia: height 60cm, weight: 6kg, head cir. 40cm, chest cir. 40cm. Yaoxia has a routine life. She gets up at 7:00am, takes a nap at 12:30pm, goes to bed at 21:30pm. She has six meals one day, at 6:00am, 9:00am; 20:00pm, 24:00 drinks Li Duojing milk; 12:00pm and 16:00pm with milk and Heinz Baby Rice Cereal mixture. She has twice stool basic, sleep tight at night.

Yaoxia has curling black hair, round face, pretty eyebrows, dark and pretty eyes, little mouth, looks like a doll. When she lying on the bed on her stomach, She can put her head up, she can turn her body from one side to another side, she would wave her hands while listening to music. She would show excitement while seeing colorful toys, shaking her hands and kicking her foot! When you put a toy into her hand, she would stare at it and touch it once a while as if she is doing research on a “treasure”. Yaoxia likes doing outdoor activities, she would show an excitement when she goes outdoor, looks around as if the new world is full of surprises. No matter what is attractive to her, especially when she sees acquaintance, she would show extremely exciting and
Make loud shouts Yi Ya. Yaoxia is a restless person, she likes being in crowd.


Uberlander said...

Restless and likes crowds hmmm.....sounds like she found the right family. :-)

Marie Carlson said...

LIkes a crowd? She'll do just fine here at Kids Korner!! I love it. This crowd can't wait to meet Cheyenne's sister, Kaya Marie McKee.