Smoosh: Sister Act

Went to Sasquatch last weekend at the gorge, and was really surprised by Smoosh. They are 11 and 13 year old sisters writing and performing non rhyming indie pop. Sounds like a gimmick, but I think there may be something else there.

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Uberlander said...

What a great weekend that was. I was feeling a little sasquatchless so I went out and bought some CD's on Sunday. Modest Mouse's new album had a great first half, then it sort of resorts to loud and banging. Then of course I had to pick up Ray LaMontangne. Hubba hubba. His sound sort of takes you back to another time.....time time time...see what's become of me.....yeah the 80's when I drove around in my tarp top rabbit and cranked the Big Chill sound track. That summer I discovered spodie and corona. Love Ray!