Randy Oxford Band

Always surprises me when I see good live music in Wenatchee. I guess it shouldn't, I mean I play in a band. And there are a lot of people like me that would like to see good live music. So, by all rights, there should be decent live music in the area every weekend. Anyhow, Saturday was the 1st Anniversary of Club Crow in Cashmere. Club Crow is a renovated country bar that has been working hard to put blues bands on stage. And the few shows I have been able to see there have been quite good. For their anniversary show we saw The Randy Oxford Band. Randy Oxford plays trombone and is a fantastic performer. The audience loved it and fun was had by all. Some had too much fun (cough, cough) but I'd would recommend this band to everyone, and would pay to see them again.

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Uberlander said...

It was a great party and a fantastic band. I especially liked the front row trombone solo he gave us. And I got a great new "Bud Lite" lunch box out of it.