Today, we finally became parents to our beautiful daughter, Cheyenne Min-Ping McKee. She is happy, healthy, and most importantly, she is legally ours. It is an awesome responsibility to think that we walked into an office building this morning, and walked out with a fully-adopted child.

This morning, our guide Kathy, took us to a non-descript office building in Chongqing to meet and adopt our child. We were told that Cheyenne would be given to us, and then we would have to meet with a few officials who would interview us about our desire to adopt a child from China. After that, the adoption is final.

As it turned out, the caretakers from the orphanage were stuck in traffic and were over an hour late. The officials felt very bad about it, and decided to let us skip the interviews. So we just signed lots of paperwork, and then left with our little Ping.

We are now waiting for the official paperwork to clear through several of the other agencies. We still have to get her birth certificate, passport, and a few other certificates. So, as of right now, we are the parents of a child that cannot leave the country. Hopefully, we will fix that shortly.

We are now learning how to take care of a little girl. Kathy had been very helpful, and she has been a wonderful resource when we get stuck trying to figure out how things are done in China. We found a store that sold the same type of Chinese baby formula that she was eating in the orphanage, and widened the hole in the bottle to match the Chinese ones.

However, Cheyenne is a good eater. Maybe too good of an eater. She can suck down a bottle in less than two minutes. So, we may drop back to nipples with smaller holes just to slow her down. So far she likes steamed eggs and banana paste, but doesn't really care for apple juice or Cheerios. She makes a great 'icky' face with a Cheerio stuck to the end of her tongue.

Click Here for video clipI took a fair amount of digital video today, but after editing it down to a reasonable 15MB of data, I found that I couldn't upload more than 500KB without having the connection terminated by 'The Great Firewall of China'. So, I have compressed the video down to a very grainy RealVideo clip. No detail at all, but you can watch Cheyenne move around for a minute and a half.

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