Okay, I'm taking a rough detour in geekysexy for the next couple of weeks. Rather than outlining the things, people and ideas that will thrill and tittilate nerds the world 'round. I am switching to a more personal turn and outlining what I am doing. Most viewers of this page know me personally, so I will be using this page simply to keep in touch. Here's where we are today.

Well, after travelling to Seattle early this morning, we were bumped off of the first two flights to Atlanta. So we waited all day for the next flight. The red-eye. Hopefully, we will get on this one, because the flight to San Jose leaves Atlanta at 10:30 tomorow and it is the only flight out that day.

So, after a few airport beers, I decided to post here. Hopefully, I will next be posting from Atlanta.

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